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summer holiday fun

Hi i am angel i am back for another blog today is all about my summer holiday funangel angel angel .

my summer holiday was awesome,amazingcoolcoolcool i loved it my sister was not bossy.

my brother was not mean because if he was he knows what am going to do

i am going to do the following things;

  • i am going to tell him offcheekycheekycheeky
  • or i am going to ignore himblushblushblush.?         

?my mom was the same nice and patience self  not mean and not unkind.

i hope you have a great holiday now lets get started on the questions below;

  • if you have a older brother and he is being mean to you what will you do?
  • if your mum said you can go anyway where will you go?
  • if your brother said he his going to get you anything what will you choose?

?i hope you answer all my questions heartheartheartangelcoolwink.


cryingwinkwhat is MGREGGORS match

whos michall bisbing angrycrying


summer hollidays

where are you going on holiday?

any where intresting?


what is your fave movie ?laugh


Who is looking forward to the SUMMER HOLIDAYS because i sure am .I am going Devon for 10 days so where are you goingyesyes I am also going jump giants.smileysmileysmileycool

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